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Our Story:

In 1963, Pastor Paul Keller discovered he was unable to find very much in the way of Christian bereavement writings to give to his congregation in times of grief and suffering.

So Pastor Keller began the task of writing many booklets of help for the suffering; those suffering from the loss of a loved one; the loss of a child; recovery from addictions; help for the divorced; advice for those trying to help the suffering; how to deal with the many feelings people experience and help for those working with the sick and hospitalized.

Soon Pastor Keller was selling these helps to churches, hospitals, mortuaries, and many individuals. His wife, Florence, was at his side to serve to the many people and thus began Kairos Publishing. For 45 years they served many Christians across the country and the world.

In May of 2007, Pastor Keller died. Florence felt it was time for her to enjoy a rest from running Kairos Publishing; and turned to her friends at Mail Handling to fill orders for the many still enjoying their publications. Mail Handling did this service until June of 2008, when I took over the distribution of Pastor Keller's writings plus a few booklets not written by him.

I am now the owner and distributor of Kairos Publishing; with the help of my husband, Rick. Rick has suffered from some serious health complications in the past few years and is unable to work full-time, so this has given him the opportunity to help me in countless ways to serve the many that still enjoy Pastor Keller's works. We believe that through a wonderful opportunity presented to us from Mail Handling and some great friends who helped us find that opportunity; God presented a great way for both of us to serve fellow Christians and to help those in pain find a way to happiness again.

We have enjoyed greatly the many people we have talked to; listening to their stories of how these booklets have helped them in their time of sorrow and need. We are hoping to continue the great service that Florence and Pastor Keller began back in 1963; and we hope that you will help us spread the word that Kairos Publishing is still in business. We hope to talk to you soon.

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