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Kairos Publishing is dedicated to the development and the distribution of Christian books and resources that support the healing and grieving process of the bereaved Christian coping with the death and loss of a loved one, child, sibling or family member.

Since 1963, Kairos' grief and loss publications have provided understanding, counsel, consolation, and hope to the Christian bereaved and the professionals who assist Christians in their grieving process.

Kairos booklets and pamphlets for the bereaved Christian are less expensive than general consolation cards. Their ability to bring comfort to the bereaved Christian has made them widely used by ministers and grief support professionals in churches, in hospitals, in hospice programs, in the military and in funeral homes.

Please browse Kairos Publishing's online Christian book catalogue and do not hesitate to contact Kairos for pricing information or any other question that you may have about our Christian loss and grief support resources.

Kairos also publishes resources for Christians in recovery from addictions, Christian resources for those experiencing stressful life changes, such as divorce and serious illness, and resources for Christian ministers such as our sermon assistance for the Gospels and Epistles based on the common lectionary.

We deeply thank you for the opportunity to serve you, your congregation and your Christian grief and recovery support ministries.


Your Kairos Staff

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